It’s no secret that poor posture can lead to serious health problems. We will tell you about the methods of prevention and assistance in case of poor posture, which are used in different countries.

Posture and everything you need to know about it

Many problems with the spine begin precisely in childhood and are associated with the formation of improper posture. Studies of children have found that half of schoolchildren have curvatures in the cervical and lower spine, which are accompanied by frequent headaches, which were previously considered “psychological”.

You do not need to be a doctor to understand that the spine, like a pharmaceutical scale with two cups, is a kind of axis between the right and left half of the body. In a situation with curvature, the skewing leads to uneven pressure of the body weight on the right and left sides, followed by increased wear of the joints of the damaged side, uneven blood supply and “nervous” innervation of the internal organs.

In addition, the spinal cord is located inside the spine, which is responsible for the vital functions of all internal organs and for the movements of the trunk and limbs. Having such a “sick” frame, naturally its contents also “get sick”. In this case, headaches, dizziness, pain in the heart, stomach, pancreas, respiratory and genitourinary system disorders may appear.

There is a hypothesis that some benign neoplasms in women, such as uterine fibroids, are associated with disorders of the spine in the lumbosacral region.

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Everyone knows the problems associated with the so-called “lumbago”, radiculitis, herniated discs, for a long time taking people out of their usual rhythm of life, and sometimes leading to disability. This is already a consequence of far-reaching disorders of the spine and improper handling of it.

What to do to prevent all this?

People have developed their own methods of prevention and assistance in case of poor posture. And it should be noted that women showed an enviable ingenuity in this matter.

In the countries of the East, girls in adolescence were taught to wear light jugs, dishes and other objects on their heads. To do this, first, a special hoop was put on the head, which served as a stand. Adult women carried a load of up to 20 kg on their heads. It turns out that this is not only an exotic custom and it was invented not only for carrying things and freeing hands.

On the one hand, the transfer of weight in one hand is eliminated when one side of the body is loaded more than the other. On the other hand, keeping a load on the head and walking with it form the correct posture and head position, which is an excellent prevention of those misfortunes mentioned above.

A very simple and good test for correct posture is offered by ancient Indian yoga. Standing or sitting with a straight back, straighten your arms to the sides at shoulder level, turn both palms up. From this pose, slowly and relaxedly lower both arms down through the sides without turning your palms. Stay in this position for a few minutes, then turn your palms inward. The resulting posture will be your correct posture. It is recommended to repeat this exercise 3-4 times a day, and for those who sit at the computer for a long time or in another long monotonous position – every hour.

They offered their own method of posture correction in our native spaces. Among the people, such a person was dressed in a shirt with long sleeves, hands were spread apart and a thin board or several sticks were passed through one sleeve to the other. In appearance, it looked like a scarecrow. The described procedure was repeated for several days so that the muscles “remember” the correct posture.

Another exercise is the stork pose, which was used to punish the guilty cadets. On one leg, with hands folded behind the back, it was possible to stand only with a perfectly straightened spine.

The girls were taught in a slightly different way. A narrow long bar was laid on the floor, like the one on which the gymnasts perform their exercises. It was necessary, pulling the toe of the foot, pass along this bar to the end and return back. And so several times. Subsequently, the speed of movement increased.

Nowadays, various devices are used to maintain correct posture: corsets, reclinators, belts, entrenching collars. Some of the above exercises that you can do on your own have not lost their relevance.

Many postural problems in children and adults can be corrected with the help of specially selected methods of manual therapy, massage, acupuncture and neurotropic electrostimulation therapy. The specialists will not only put your spine in order, but will also select for you an individual set of exercises to form a muscle corset that will maintain your posture after the end of treatment.


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