Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that ultimately leads to the complete loss of cartilage in the joints. The cartilage acts as a cushion that degenerates and inflames the bones. A symptom of osteoarthritis of the fingers is pain in the fingers. If this condition is not treated promptly, some complications can occur, including deformity of the fingers and complete loss of their function

Symptoms of osteoarthritis of the fingers

In osteoarthritis, the most prominent symptom is pain and swelling. The pain is dull, with a burning sensation at an early stage, and is aggravated when you are making something with your hands. Over time, as the condition of the cartilage gets worse and worse, the pain gets worse. Edema occurs due to inflammation when a sufficient amount of cartilage has already been lost. Inflammation can also cause symptoms such as redness and warming of the skin around the joints. Another sign of finger osteoarthritis is the stiffness of the fingers. Joint stiffness is usually worse in the morning. You may also notice that using your fingers is more difficult after using your hand for a long time. Since the cartilage wears out unevenly, the fingers can become deformed. Another type of deformity is associated with the appearance of calluses.

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Treatment of osteoarthritis of the fingers

Treatment for osteoarthritis of the fingers varies from person to person. The patient is usually prescribed procedures that relieve pain and restore the mobility of the fingers. These are usually non-surgical treatments. The most commonly used drugs are analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Injections can relieve severe pain.

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Certain types of orthopedic gloves are recommended for patients with finger osteoarthritis to keep the hand in a good position. Heat treatments, exercise, and various physical therapies may also be on the list of treatments used to treat osteoarthritis of the fingers.

Exercise helps add flexibility to the tendons. Certain exercises can also help strengthen joints. But usually the patient is advised to immerse his hands in warm water before starting the exercise. Some exercises can be done with hands immersed in warm water.

For any form of arthritis, it is very important to do exercise therapy, and with osteoarthritis of the fingers, accordingly, too. But rest is also needed. It helps reduce pain and inflammation, although physical therapy and medication are commonly used for this.

If conservative treatment does not help, the patient will be prescribed surgery.

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