This disease often accompanies rheumatism. Therefore, the most common type of it is rheumatoid arthritis. If the inflammatory process proceeds in an acute form, then edema appears, the joint begins to ache, and redness of the skin is noticeable in the knee area.

Knee arthritis: varieties

There are three types of this disease. Arthritis of the knee joint, depending on the form, has a different nature of manifestation.

It is considered the most common species, mainly among the adult. It usually proceeds slowly, gradually progressing. As a result, the articular cartilage is depleted.

It occurs in people of any age. The inflammatory process usually affects both knee joints and eventually leads to the destruction of the articular cartilage.

This form is considered as a consequence of trauma and develops gradually, over several years.

Knee arthritis: symptoms

One of the most common symptoms is pain. With arthritis of the knee joint, it usually increases, but its sudden occurrence is also possible.

Visible changes also occur with the joint. It becomes stiff, swollen, bending at the knee becomes difficult.

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In the morning, knee arthritis symptoms such as swelling and pain worsen after walking for a long time. Knees are often weak until they become unstable. Chronic arthritis of the knee joint has mild pain that occurs from time to time. But the most dangerous is considered to be purulent arthritis, when a lot of pus accumulates in the joint. This creates the risk of rupture of the joint capsule, connection to the inflammatory process of the tissues of the thigh and lower leg. In this case, sepsis cannot be tolerated.

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Knee arthritis: causes

This disease can be considered as a consequence of other diseases associated with connective tissue. But in some cases, it manifests itself as an independent one, or signals about any unfavorable processes in the body, for example, the presence of gout.

Do not forget about psoriatic arthropathy, in which psoriasis affects the joints.

One of the causes of arthritis of the knee joint is defined as malnutrition of the joint.

Degenerative diseases:

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint (gonoarthrosis / pathofemoral arthrosis);

Chondropathy of the knee joint cartilage;

Tilting or lateralization of the patella;

Chondromalacia of the patella (Leuven’s disease);

Knee ligament enthesopathy;

Tendinosis of the knee ligaments;

Meniscopathy / meniscus cyst;

Osteochondritis dissecans (Koenig’s disease);

Osteochondropathy of the tibia tuberosity (Osgood-Schlatter disease);

Osteochondropathy of the patella (Sinding-Larsen disease);

Osteochondropathy of the upper pole of the patella (Semmelrock’s disease);

Chronic knee pain.

Knee Disorders :

Tendenitis of the patella’s own ligament (jumper’s knee);

Iliotibial tract tendinitis / iliotibial tract syndrome (runner’s knee);

Tendenitis of other ligaments of the knee joint (“swimmer’s” knee);

Bursitis of the crow’s feet;

Tendinitis of the knee ligament;

Hoff’s disease;

Syndrome of mediopatellar fold;

Prepatellar bursitis;

Cyst Baker;

Chronic knee pain;

Knee injuries:

Damage to the outer and (or) inner meniscus;

Damage to the anterior and (or) posterior cruciate ligament;

Injury to the internal / external lateral (collateral) ligament of the knee joint;

Damage to the inner patella holder;

Damage to the patella’s own ligament;

Dislocation of the patella;

Damage to the cartilage of the knee joint;

Hemarthrosis of the knee joint;

Post-traumatic hyperextension of the knee joint;

Combined fractures of the knee bones;

Fracture of the femur;

Fracture of the tibia;

Fracture of the fibula;

Fracture of the patella.

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