Kinesio taping

In Ukraine, the kinesiological taping method is considered to be a novelty, but abroad teaching kinesitaping has already become a real standard for both medical workers and ordinary people.

Benefits of Kinesio Taping

The active use of kinesio taping began precisely with sports – after all, this is one of the few methods that involve treatment in motion. The athlete should not pause his training for the period of treatment and recovery – on the contrary, physical activity will increase the effect of the tape on the injured part of the body, bringing the moment of complete recovery closer.

The kinesio taping method has the following advantages:

  • Works continuously 24 hours a day for 5-7 days, accelerating the healing process;
  • Does not cause pain or discomfort;
  • Does not limit physical activity;
  • Simple and economically available;
  • Can be applied independently.

Kinesio taping is a technique available to everyone. It does not need to purchase expensive equipment or receive a diploma from a medical university. But you should not start practice without appropriate training from professional instructors – an incorrectly applied tape can worsen blood and lymph flow in the injured area, which will negatively affect the healing process.

Schools of medical kinesio taping, depending on the goals of the students, as a rule, offer several courses of study: master classes, basic and advanced courses. After completing master classes, even without having a specialized medical education, you can effectively and correctly apply many kinesio taping techniques that will help prevent injuries, relieve menstrual pain and much more.

Such forms of training are especially popular among athletes who, unlike Olympic stars, must independently take care of the treatment and prevention of injuries.


Indeed, the most striking proof of the effectiveness of the method, in addition to numerous positive reviews and the results of special studies, is the fact that most famous athletes regularly use kinesio tapes in training and sports competitions and are completely satisfied with the results.

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Kinesio taping: main principles

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Kinesio taping is the application of adhesive elastic tapes to the skin. They do not contain pharmacologically active substances and have a therapeutic effect due to their elasticity (140%), which is identical to that of human skin. The tape glued to the skin promotes the formation of folds, which leads to an increase in the intracellular space and an intensification of the microcirculation process at the site of application. Thus, the kinesio tape simultaneously:

  • Accelerates blood circulation in the affected area;
  • Helps to reduce pain;
  • Increases lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling;
  • Provides support for injured ligaments and muscles;
  • Normalizes muscle tone;
  • Muscle functions are improved;
  • Provides support for the joints. 
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