Comprehensive treatment of arthrosis in Kiev

Arthrosis is a disease of the joints, manifested by its accelerated wear and the gradual destruction of joint structures.

The causes of arthrosis can be:

  • Excessive stress on the joint;
  • Injury to the joint;
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Decrease in the shock-absorbing properties of the foot.

The above factors increase their influence with age.

ETC Clinic specializes in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and arthrosis in particular.

Treatment of arthrosis, depends on the severity, and can take place in two phases:

Removal of acute inflammation:

  • Prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Injections into the joint;
  • Electrophoresis.

Recovery and rehabilitation of the joint after inflammation:
  • Kinesiotherapy (exercise therapy); 
  • Massage and post-isometric relaxation;
  • Shock wave therapy.
  • The course and composition of treatment is determined by the attending orthopedic physician after diagnosis and initial consultation.
  • The course of treatment takes 1-2 months.
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